About Me

Hello there! It is I, the Black Mage from Final Fantasy! Which Final Fantasy? Which Black Mage? That's for you to ponder, and me to know.

In all seriousness though, you can call me "Mage" for short. I created this website out of curiosity for the HTML language, and out of love for the websites I would spend hours browsing on Neocities. All code on this website was hand-coded by me. I am currently a Computer Science student in college, and am obsessed with cyber security. I also like to play video games and draw. My drawings usually consist of Black Mages doing normal everyday things. I'm also colorblind, so sorry about the over abundance of blue here, but it's the only color I can properly see on the RGB scale.

Things I like:

Contact Me

If you contact me, please tell me that you came from this website. I usually ignore spam and being able to filter through it that way makes my life easier and your contact more likely to be read!

Here's my steam group! It's not used too much but if you want to come into contact with me, you can send a friend request if you want to play a game or just to see what I've been doing.

Pages that inspire me!

DOKODEMO | Really cool website with some free to use assets and tutorials! I find myself browsing it every once in a while and checking the weblog whenever I want to learn more about HTML and CSS.

sadgrl.online | The most followed website on Neocities! And for good reason. This site has it all from HTML/CSS Tutorials, to Adblockers, and even a simple 88x31 button maker! This website has it all, and it's tutorials have helped me with development when I feel stuck.

Deb's Place! | Personally, this page was very inspirational for me because I love Final Fantasy and seeing the really interesting layout made me really inspired to learn what was going on under the hood. Besides that, this page is really great and the blog is a nice read during my off time.

Genosadness | I love browsing art on the web, finding niche corners can always show great artists and their works. Genosadness is home to a plethora of art, which is what initially hooked me in. But what keeps me coming back are the stories, they're really in depth. My personal favorite is charl0tte. Also, shoutout to them for making me a button!

dimden.dev | It's hard to put into words how awesome this page is. It's an absolute marvel of the possibilities of sites on Neocities. It hosts a library of coding projects, scripts and games. My favorite part of the site is Grillby's Multiplayer a chat room that takes place in Undertale, it has custom sprites, music, cards, and everything! Me and my friends like to hang out there from time to time. Who knows, maybe you'll see me there if you visit!